Alpine Bob

The Bobul offers fun all year round. This type of sledding has proven to be remarkable in the ski areas of Europe, Asia and America, where it improves the offer of guests not only in summer, but also in winter.

Adventure Park

Attractive program for children and adults.

Happy Land trails have 4 identification elements, namely color, length, name and degree of difficulty. They can be travelled by children with a height of 100cm and over 160cm and adults.

The Tirolian of 200m will certainly stir up the interest of children and adults eager for fun.

Disc Golf Park

Disc Golf is played just like the traditional bay. Instead, in place of a ball and nits, players use a flying disc or a Frisbee®. The sport was formalised in the years ‘ 70 and the objective of the game is to throw that disc into a high metal basket, from as few blows (or, in the case of the golf disc, the fewer throws). The game starts from a landmark area to a target that is the metal basket.

Tubbing and Trampoline

We expect you to spend your free time and take advantage of such a special place designed for the whole family.

  • Tubing with Lifeline
  • Climbing on a special strip
  • Trampoline with air cushion
  • Very fun
Bicycle rental

If by now you have only been in a car, you can not miss the experience of the cyclotourism, which amplifies the feeling of freedom and disconnection. You can orient yourself to planning some tours in the circuit, ideal for the shifts to start and end at the same point. After a small research at Stâna de Vale, you will see that there are many medium-level trails, about 20 km. Of course, you also find lighter, or thematic trails, such as the trails on the general promenade, the Trout Valley and many other trails made and marked here.

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Stâna de Vale

The resort of Stâna de Vale is accessible from the national road (DN 76) Oradea – Deva to Beiuş. Leaving the National road DN 76 and passing through Budureasa DJ 764A is reached at Stâna de Vale, with a serpentine road of about 27 km.


Accommodation: 0754 073 391

Adventure park / Ski: 0758 669 137 or 0746 910 843