Disc Golf

The disc

Disc golf game is the completion of a path through the fewer throws of the disc. A route normally consists of nine or eighteen holes, each of which is a separate scoring unit.

The game on each hole starts at the start area and ends at Target/target. After the player has thrown off the starting area, each successive pitch is made from the place where the previous throw has stopped. When completing a hole, the player switches to the starting area of the next hole until all the holes have been played.

Golf disc trails are typically located in and around wooded areas with various lands to provide natural obstacles for the “flight” of the disc. The route must not be altered by the player in any way to decrease the difficulty of a hole.
Players must play the route as they find and play the disc in the place they are, except as otherwise permitted by these rules.



Children-15 RON/hour

Adults-20 RON/hour



Stâna de Vale

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Stâna de Vale

The resort of Stâna de Vale is accessible from the national road (DN 76) Oradea – Deva to Beiuş. Leaving the National road DN 76 and passing through Budureasa DJ 764A is reached at Stâna de Vale, with a serpentine road of about 27 km.

Phone: (40) 754-073-391