Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental

If by now you have only been in a car, you can not miss the experience of the cyclotourism, which amplifies the feeling of freedom and disconnection. You can orient yourself to planning some tours in the circuit, ideal for the shifts to start and end at the same point. After a small research at Stâna de Vale, you will see that there are many medium-level trails, about 20 km. Of course, you also find lighter, or thematic trails, such as the trails on the general promenade, the Trout Valley and many other trails made and marked here.

  • Trails at altitude above 1200m
  • Bicycles MTB and Electric MTB, new
  • Very affordable
  • Visit particularly beautiful waterfalls on your bike

With every kilometre you will enjoy the changes in scenery or the pleasant summer temperature, and traveling for a few hours cycling without stress will make you remind yourself what really matters.


Bicycle rental
Electric Bicycle Rental

10 RON/1 hour

15 RON/2 hours

20 RON/3 hours

60 RON/8 hours


15 RON/1 hour

20 RON/2 hours

30 RON/3 hours

80 RON/8 hours


40 RON/1 hour

55 RON/2 hours

80 RON/3 hours

150 RON/8 hours


45 RON/1 hour

70 RON/2 hours

90 RON/3 hours

180 RON/8 hours

Gravity Coaster

15 RON/1 hour

35 RON/3 hours


20 RON/1 hour

45 RON/3 hours

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Stâna de Vale

The resort of Stâna de Vale is accessible from the national road (DN 76) Oradea – Deva to Beiuş. Leaving the National road DN 76 and passing through Budureasa DJ 764A is reached at Stâna de Vale, with a serpentine road of about 27 km.

Phone: (40) 754-073-391